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2001 Action Plan

The Canada-Arab Business Council is a Canadian non-profit organization with an expressed interest in promoting and facilitating two-way business with countries in the Arab World and a willingness to share this interest and knowledge with the Canadian business community and the public sector.


To support members in doing two way business with Arab Countries through a combination of:
  • Education and Awareness

  • Advocacy

  • Networking

  • Liaison and partnership with Government

  • Promotion of individual member interests


In order to achieve the Mission and expand the activities of the CABC for 2001, the CABC will:

1.0 Objective

Maintain and expand its membership with the objective of achieving a total of 52 members across Canada by the Year 2001.


1.1 Develop a promotional package highlighting our activities for circulation to prospective members.

1.2 Develop a much expanded contact list of Canadian firms interested in or doing business in the Arab world and target these companies for membership.

1.3 Promote the activities of the CABC through our web site.

1.4 Promote on the activities of our members through our newsletter, website and other forums.

1.5 Expand location for meetings across Canada.

1.6 Explore associate membership at reduced fee.

1.7 Survey members as to what they want from the CABC.

1.8 Attract membership of the CME to the CABC.

1.9 Liaise with Canadian Embassies.

2.0 Objective

To be host and play a significant role in receiving incoming delegations from Arab countries and facilitate networking with CABC members.

2.1 Liaison with Federal and Provincial governments to maintain advance programs for incoming delegations. Organize an annual lunch with desk officers.

2.2 Through contract arrangements with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, promote CABC’s role in managing incoming delegations.

2.3 Provide members with the greatest possible advance notice and widest circulation of plans for incoming visitors.

2.4 Liaison with Embassies of Arab countries to ensure that CABC is front/centre with incoming visitors.

3.0 Objective

Advocate CABC members’ interests with Federal and Provincial governments to secure maximum government support for member activities in the Arab world.


3.1 Address Ministers and Senior Government Officials with an annual policy paper on trade matters related to Arab countries.

3.2 Proactively meet with Ministers.

3.3 Call upon or harness our members on trade policy, beginning with those who are already active in commenting on trade matters.

3.5 Encourage official visits by Canadian officials to Arab countries.

3.6 Volunteer to speak out on benefits of trade with the Arab countries.

4.0 Objective

To promote one-on-one business between CABC members and similar private companies in the Arab World.


4.1 Lead at least one outgoing mission to the Arab World annually with countries visited carefully selected to achieve maximum members interest and benefit. Survey members on priorities for countries.

4.2 Encourage the formation of country to country councils, e.g. the Jordan Canada Business Council and for 2001 complete the formation of the Saudi Canada and Libya Canada Councils.

4.3 By correspondence and visits where possible, maintain and expand the dialogue among existing counterpart councils.

4.4 Focus on one-on-one meetings with other business people when we visit other counterpart-councils.

5.0 Objective

Secure sufficient funding through membership fees, "project activities", and from the Government to fund the council’s activities on a breakeven basis.


5.1 Expand membership as noted in 1 above.

5.2 Explore opportunities for sponsorship funding of activities and events and for the newsletter.

5.3 Focus on developing more functions for members/non-members on a for-profit basis.

5.4 Market the value-added services we provide for members.

5.5 Continuous search for Federal and Provincial funding for CABC activities.

6.0 Objective

To encourage the widest possible participation of all CABC members in the development and long term success of the CABC.


6.1 Regular communication with members.

6.2 Encourage an active and a participating Board of Directors.

6.3 Share key CABC responsibilities among the maximum number of members.

6.4 Bimonthly luncheon event. Volunteer a day-chair for each event.

6.5 Use magazines/newspapers to promote the CABC.

September 12, 2000


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